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AIM effective Risk Management solutions allow Operators to manage risk in a growlingly competitive marketplace.

CRM Software by AIM Gaming is designed to compile data from a range of communication channels into a single customer view dashboard.

Our land-based software development solutions include intuitive user interface, remote management capabilities, branding management, visitor registration and management, onsite printing, and automated reports.

AIM has developed a complete and solution for delivering betting odds, scores, and real-time settlements, covering all major sports events, specially designed to help bookmakers and platform providers diversify their offering.

AIM Casino

AIM Casino’s omni-channel solution allows operators access to one of the most diverse libraries of Casino games on the market. Using AIM Gaming’s proprietary One Wallet technology you can seamlessly deliver cutting edge content from multiple providers to your players on Web, Mobile, Applications and Point of Sale terminals.

Keep players engaged for hours with AIM Casino Live, a real life experience with personalized service in multiple languages.

Link AIM Sportsbook and AIM Casino using One Wallet to use Sportsbook acquisition to funnel your traffic into the Casino for increased monetization.

  • Multi-Brand functionality
  • Fully licensed and regulated in multiple jurisdictions
  • Provider, Game Type or Overall Player Reporting
  • Identical player experience across Desktop, Mobile and Point of Sale
  • Recommend Games based on player history
  • One Bonus wallet that can be used across all providers
  • Single integration allows access to all vendors in the AIM Casino portfolio
  • Bespoke design and UX

AIM Gaming exceeds expectations by providing a steady stream of new games and features from our existing network of media and affiliate partners, your growth will be hyper-accelerated, plugging into a proven business model that has no limit on its potential.

AIM Sportsbook

AIM Gaming’s Sportsbook is the most powerful betting engine on the market today. A selection of 50,000+ Pre Match and 40,000+ Live events each month gives operators the ability to customize their offering to maximize market potential.

Our omni-channel sports betting product provides you the ability to disrupt any market by delivering content to any location, across any channel, device, and network via a fully integrated front-to-back end solution:

  • Multi-Brand functionality
  • Multiple sports odds profiles within a single brand
  • Advanced betting tools such as Cash-out, Counter-offer, Quick Bet
  • Customize odds for the market you operate in
  • Select markets, adjust limits, player profiling, automated reporting
  • One wallet to link your web, mobile, applications and point of sale terminals
  • Update all your channels simultaneously from a centralized platform
  • AIM Trading with automated margin adjustments for industry leading hold
  • Maximize betting turnover with real-time market settlement

Through our digital products and point of sale betting terminals, AIM Gaming Sportsbook is revolutionizing the world of sportsbook operators and their omni channel betting businesses. One platform with unlimited end points satisfies bettors needs for versatility and reliability leading to maximum brand loyalty.


AIM Products

· Gaming ·

· Gaming ·

Powerful, yet simple to use

AIM provides a full suite of industry leading casino games. We strive to provide excellent online casino games that are safe, secure and ultimately user-friendly. We also provide provides custom game development for various platforms including iOS and Android, for a seamless user experience.

· Sports Betting ·

· Sports Betting ·

Custom Solutions, Customize Everything

AIM provides a custom white label sports and race betting software with multi-channel capabilities across desktops, web, mobile, and EPOS, with back office support for all bet types, including parlays, moneyline, spread, totals, 1X2 and Live Betting.

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